ESE Gateway
ESE Gateway is a mentoring platform developed for the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), Erasmus University Rotterdam. The platform facilitates networking between students and alumni of the ESE. Users in the ESE Gateway system will find many students and alumni from different specialisations of the ESE, from Marketing to International Economics. The platform is developed based on the goal to connect great talents of the ESE, and become means for them to share knowledge and experiences across generations.
How it works
Here, alumni and students are able to connect in the form of mentoring. A student mentee chooses his/her own alumni mentor(s), based on their professional and personal interests, and vice-versa, an alumnus chooses his/her mentee(s) who best fits their expertise and experience. A mutual agreement is required from both sides. Only then, you have a connection! The mentor-mentee connection will last for 3 months by default, and can be extended voluntarily. Mentors and mentees can search for each other via the search function. Filtering according to study programs, interests, and industry, etc. is also possible. Moreover, the system automatically provides connection suggestions to help users find the best connection for themselves.
It all started as a small project (Gateway by Transito) launched by Transito, the study association of the Urban, Port and Transport Economics master program. When the pilot became a success within this small part of the ESE, the decision was made to expand the mentoring program to the whole faculty. The originally small Gateway project then became ESE Gateway, a mentoring platform owned by the Erasmus School of Economics, operated and maintained by Transito.

The developers of the program are previous board members of Transito from 2013-2014, namely,
It’s unique!
ESE Gateway offers the flexibility for users to choose with whom they want to be connected. We believe that the alumni and students know best whom their potential and expertise should be shared with. In the long-run, we hope that established connections via ESE Gateway would benefit both alumni and students of the ESE community. ‘Connect with the best’ today and network your way to success!
For inquiries please contact ESE Gateway Help Desk.

ESE Gateway - Dear Alumni and Students, Thank you very much for subscribing to our new mentor program ESE Gateway. I hope that you will enjoy participating in the program. For inquiries please contact Best regards, Philip Hans Franses, Dean Erasmus School of Economics