These are the Terms of Use which apply for the service titled ESE GATEWAY. We recommend you to read carefully through these terms in order to be up to date on your rights and obligations if you are using our service ESE GATEWAY.
Service of providing a platform for mentor-mentee matching and contact. ESE GATEWAY is owned by the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE), and operated and maintained by study association TRANSITO, for the benefit of the whole ESE community.

The person which has created a personal PROFILE and has access to the WEBSITE using his personal LOG IN DATA.

The whole data which a PROFILE USER has provided or uploaded on the WEBSITE. Data contains personal information of the PROFILE USER.

The technical infrastructure and whole of user functionalities that is being managed and provided by ESE GATEWAY.

The combination of email address and password in order to give the PROFILE USER access to the WEBSITE and his personal PROFILE.
By creating a PROFILE, the PROFILE USER automatically is bound to these Terms of Use. You should not create a PROFILE if you do not want to provide your personal data or you do not want this data to be processed in accordance with the Privacy Policy ESE GATEWAY and this Terms of Use.
ESE GATEWAY is regulating and managing the communication on the WEBSITE between PROFILE USERS. However, ESE GATEWAY has no control in the quality, safety, justification or correctness of the content of these messages.
The creation of a PROFILE is by providing the personal data that is being required in the registration form, which is accessible on the WEBSITE. ESE GATEWAY will need to check if you are a student/alumni of the Erasmus School of Economics and will send you a validation email.

A PROFILE USER complies with these Terms of Use and can assure ESE GATEWAY that the provided information is correct and not false. If ESE GATEWAY has noticed the provided information is incorrect, false or misleading, then ESE GATEWAY is entitled to remove this information or to terminate the PROFILE. It is not allowed to create a PROFILE on the name of another person, unless this person has granted permission to do so.

A PROFILE USER is responsible for his own security of his LOG IN DATA. It is not allowed to grant access to third parties on the WEBSITE.

A PROFILE is bound to one person and is not transferable.

A PROFILE USER can terminate her PROFILE at any time by sending an email to ESE GATEWAY (helpdesk@esegateway.nl).
A PROFILE USER assures ESE GATEWAY that he is a student or alumni of the ESE and that his/her actions are in accordance of these Terms of Use. A PROFILE USER must always be in compliance with these Terms of Use and the applicable Dutch laws and regulations.

It is expressly not allowed to use the WEBSITE for direct or indirect commercial purposes.

The PROFILE USER accepts responsibility for the content of information that is provided, uploaded and or communicated on the WEBSITE.

It is not allowed to use the WEBSITE for:
  • any illegal purposes
  • damaging the functionality of the WEBSITE
  • spreading, sending or uploading content that is obscene, threatening, insulting, defamatory or any other reason that can lead to public disorder
  • infringement of another person’s or company’s rights
  • spreading commercial content

If the PROFILE USER violates these Terms of Use, ESE GATEWAY can decide to shut down the PROFILE and to exclude the PROFILE USER from the ESE GATEWAY services.
Each PROFILE USER acknowledges all author rights, trademarks and other intellectual property rights that are part of the WEBSITE, and owned by the ESE.

It is expressly not allowed to download, copy, adjust, publish, use (for commercial purposes) the files, data, programs and or content which are available on the WEBSITE, unless ESE grants permission.

It is also not allowed to copy the source code, adjust, use it as a basis for another work, or to any other way trace the source code, sell the right of information, license it or transfer it.
By using the WEBSITE you accept the ESE GATEWAY Privacy Policy.
On all agreements closed with ESE GATEWAY, Dutch law is applicable.

In case a dispute cannot be settled outside the court, the judge of Rotterdam is authorized to take note of the case.

In case one or more articles of these terms are void or seem nullified, it will not nullify the other articles. In case of nullities ESE GATEWAY is obliged to replace the articles.
ESE GATEWAY disclaim all legal liability (to the extent permitted under the Dutch law) for the quality, safety or reliability of our ESE GATEWAY services. ESE GATEWAY disclaim all implied warranties and representations and does not guarantee that the ESE GATEWAY services will function without interruption of errors.

ESE GATEWAY is not liable (to the extent permitted under the Dutch law) to the PROFILE USER of the ESE GATEWAY or others for any indirect, incidental, special, consequential of punitive damages, or any loss of data of any other damages arising from the use of the ESE GATEWAY services.
For questions and/or complaints, you can contact ESE GATEWAY by sending an email to ESE Gateway Help Desk.
ESE GATEWAY can change these terms of use at any time. You will therefore need to consult the terms of use regularly. In case of substantial changes, ESE GATEWAY will inform by email or within the communication channels on the ESE GATEWAY WEBSITE. If you object to the changes, you can close your PROFILE. Continuing to use our ESE GATEWAY services after we publish or communicate a notice about any changes to this Terms of Use means that you are consenting to the changes.
ESE Gateway - Dear Alumni and Students, Thank you very much for subscribing to our new mentor program ESE Gateway. I hope that you will enjoy participating in the program. For inquiries please contact helpdesk@esegateway.nl Best regards, Philip Hans Franses, Dean Erasmus School of Economics